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The French Riviera is a unique destination, awakening many dreams. Our customers, from the region or elsewhere, do not always have the time or the right tools to look for the property they dream of. That is why we decided to create a service including every step of the process. We personally assist our clients from the birth of their real estate projects until the end of their realizations: definition of the project and specifications, request for financing, research of the property, visits, negotiations, acquisition, possible works, home staging, renting.

Property Hunter Property Hunter

Property Management

As an owner, if you want to rent your property in the Riviera, Evreka Invest is responsible for the rental and its management.

Property Management Property Management

Property Finance

Evreka Invest is a real estate loan broker, able to look for the best mortgage option for your real estate financing. We have partnerships with bankers and mortgage brokers to provide you the ideal financing solution concerning your project.

Property Finance Property Finance

Wealth Advisory

Evreka Invest is also a wealth management advisory company, proposing solutions for the needs of its French clients (residents or non-residents), as well as citizens of other countries wishing to invest in France. We build your real estate assets, your financial wealth and we structure them to optimize your investments.

Wealth Advisory Wealth Advisory


Evreka Invest offers a whole range of solutions for your savings. Investment solutions via life insurance contracts as well as investment products such as real estate funds (REITs, OPCIs, etc.) or UCITS.

Savings Savings

Consulting & Relocation

France and its Riviera are known to be appreciated destinations. However, settling in the french riviera can be a time-consuming and complicated journey. Our mission is to support non-residents wishing to invest or settle in France, especially on the Côte d'Azur.

Consulting & Relocation Consulting & Relocation

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Evreka Invest is an International Wealth Management company, founded to create, manage, and grow the wealth of its clients. After experiencing private banking and private wealth life insurance in Monaco and Luxembourg, Araxe Ermis decided to come back to his birthplace and founded Evreka Investment & Co. Evreka Invest has been created as a solution to situations, which the investors meet often, when they want to invest in France (specifically in real estate). Through his own experiences, our founder wanted to start a company taking care of the investors projects from A to Z. Evreka Invest’s desire is to be the unique coordinator of your investments in France. We offer a range of services on several aspects of people's assets: Real Estate Management, Property Hunting, Life Insurance, Real Estate Brokerage, Wealth Management Advisory, Consulting and Relocation. We are also life insurance brokers (under French and Luxembourg law) and we offer tailor-made investment advice based on your profile and your wealth objectives. Evreka Invest is willing to satisfy the interests of the local clientele, of expats and non-residents. A full support service is offered to guide them in their steps in France.



Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Antibes, Provence and the Southern Alps. An international and dynamic region with a Mediterranean way of life, where “douceur de vivre” and economic prosperity coexist. Nice is in the center of the French Riviera and the cities like Antibes, Cannes, Monaco. Even Saint-Tropez and Italy are included in the daily life of the inhabitants. Ski resorts are less than 2 hours drive, and there are exceptional sites such as natural parks or cities in northern Italy in close proximity. Monaco, Nice, and Sophia-Antipolis technopole make an important employment area for the region and the project of Eco-Valley in the West of Nice are major assets for the economic future of the Côte d 'Azur. The international airport and the cultural influence of the French Riviera attract many leisure and business tourists throughout the year. 300 days of annual sunshine in the region highlight all its architectural, natural, and cultural beauties; providing an atmosphere full of joy for locals and tourists.